3 Benefits of 3D Impressions

Gone are the days of putting up with a mouthful of putty! One of the most useful inventions in dentistry has been the invention of 3D impressions. With this procedure, an intraoral wand is used to scan images of your teeth into a computer for 3D printing in place of the traditional tray-and-putty setup. 3D printing is often used for patients needing implants, dentures, braces, tooth extractions, root canals, patients with jaw pain, and many more mouth maladies. However, with the cost of 3D printing, many dentists are still skeptical about investing in this new method. From our dentist Jacksonville NC, here are three benefits of 3D impressions.

Improved Turnarounds

Traditional impressions can leave patients waiting for their molds for weeks on end. With 3D impressions, the process is much faster. In fact, a 3D impression of your teeth takes mere minutes. With the wider availability of 3D printers, many dentists now have them in their offices, allowing them to make impressions entirely in-house. This comes especially in handy for younger patients or anyone who tend to lose things easily. If you ever need a replacement, you can simply call up your dentist Jacksonville NC to print a new set. This reduction in wait time also reduces the likelihood of your teeth shifting while you wait.

Improved Accuracy

3D impressions make for more accurate impressions. With the tray-and-putty variation, there are three different instances where inaccuracies can and do occur: in the initial impression process, in the pouring process, and in the trimming process. Inaccuracies can often occur in patients who have abnormal bites or patients who had difficulty with keeping the tray in their mouths. There’s also a steeper learning curve for new dentist Jacksonville NC with the traditional methods versus the digital ones. Using digital 3D impressions helps to reduce human errors like these.

Improved Patient Experience

If you’ve ever had typical tray-and-putty impressions done, you know how uncomfortable it can be. With this outdated method, putty is poured into plastic or metal trays, then loaded far back into the patient’s mouth. The patient is then instructed to bite down into the trays for anywhere from one to five full minutes. That’s a long time! Many patients gag due to the prolonged and invasive nature of this procedure. With 3D digital impressions, all of this can be done by a dentist Jacksonville NC with a simple wave of a wand. Quite literally! During a 3D impression, all a patient has to do is remain still while an intraoral wand scans the surface of the teeth. Even if the patient experiences some discomfort, with this method, the patient can take breaks if needed. This is a much better option if you’re looking for pain free dentists near me.

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