4 Ways Drinking Coffee Affects Your Dental Health

With each Starbucks in the US within nearly four other store locations, it’s safe to say that we Americans love our coffee! But does coffee love us? Your morning cup of joe can actually lead to serious dental health issues if you aren’t careful. Today our Jacksonville NC dentists are discussing coffee-induced mouth maladies that may make you think twice before picking up your tumbler tomorrow morning.

Enamel Erosion

Coffee is naturally very acidic. The acidity from the drink can cause your enamel to wear away, creating microscopic cracks in the teeth. Coffee additives like creamers, different kinds of milk, and syrups also often contain large amounts of sugar. When mixed with your natural saliva, this sugar breeds bacteria, which then seeps into the cracks of the teeth. This causes painful cavities, and if left untreated by dental professionals at our dental offices in Jacksonville NC, potential tooth loss! If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, our Jacksonville NC dentists recommend receiving a fluoride treatment during your next visit.

Teeth Grinding

You may have heard of the coffee jitters. Due to the spike in energy drinking coffee produces, some individuals experience slight to significant anxiety while drinking the beverage. Coffee-related anxiety can cause you to clench your jaw or grind your teeth unknowingly. Doing either of these actions can result in the grinding down of your teeth. In more severe cases, it can even cause gum issues and teeth shifting. If you suffer from anxiety, whether coffee-induced or not, our dental offices in Jacksonville NC are proud to offer sedation services that may help keep you relaxed during your next visit.


In addition to the overall detriment to your dental health, drinking just one cup of coffee a day can cause your teeth to darken! This is due to tannins, an ingredient found in the coffee bean, entering the surface of your teeth through microscopic holes in the enamel. These holes, or pores, can become enlarged due to erosion from, you guessed it, coffee! If you must indulge in your daily cup of coffee, our Jacksonville NC dentists recommend drinking through a straw to help keep as much of the beverage away from your teeth as possible.

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