Dental Care Jacksonville Answers Teeth Staining Questions

Teeth staining is a common dental problem and can be frustrating if you don’t fully understand how to solve it. With many potential factors contributing to tooth discoloration, it can be difficult to pinpoint what specific changes to make for a whiter and brighter smile. As your leading provider in dental care Jacksonville, Jacksonville Dental Care is here to answer all your questions regarding teeth staining. 

What Causes Teeth Staining? 

What causes teeth staining is the main question dental patients have, but the answer isn’t a one-lane street. Certain foods, drinks, growing older, smoking, or particles within the tooth enamel can all cause teeth stains. This leads us to…

What Foods And Drinks Stain Teeth? 

Here’s one you’re bound to have heard before: coffee. Coffee and other darker-colored liquids like red wine, dark soda, and green tea can all cause teeth staining. If you just can’t manage to give up these drinks, then we would recommend at least drinking them through a straw. Along the same line as drinks, bold colored foods that are brighter in color like berries or red pasta sauce are most likely to stain your teeth. 

Do Whitening Products Actually Work? 

Since there are a wide variety of teeth whitening products available, it can be tricky to know which products are effective. One thing to remember is that there is a difference between “whitening your teeth” and actually removing the tooth enamel that is contributing to your tooth stains. Charcoal toothpaste is particularly trendy right now in terms of tooth whitening but has no proven results showing it’s better than other whitening products. No matter what, our specialists in dental care Jacksonville always recommend talking to your dentist before purchasing any teeth whitening products.

Are Teeth Stains Reversible? 

While there are varying severities of teeth stains, all teeth stains can benefit from professional teeth whitening. Surface stains from coffee or tobacco can more easily be removed than under the surface stains. Our dental care Jacksonville practice offers cosmetic treatments including professional teeth whitening and bleaching that can counteract years’ worth of teeth stains. Jacksonville Dental Care’s teeth whitening service effectively lightens brown and yellow enamel discoloration using a special gel. 

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At Jacksonville Dental Care, we’ve seen what a whiter and brighter smile can do for someone’s confidence. We want all our patients to be eager to show off their smiles and benefit from our teeth whitening services. Leave it to the professionals and contact one of our dentists at Jacksonville Dental Care today!