Quit Winging It With These Tooth Fairy Tips

Oh, how we miss the excitement of waking up the morning after finally losing that pesky baby tooth to cash stored under our pillow. The tooth fairy is a long-standing tradition that many parents have fond memories of from their childhood years. Here at Jacksonville Dental Care, your local dental practice Jacksonville NC, we understand that not all families are in the position to place money under pillows for every lost tooth, especially if you have a lot of kiddos. That’s why we’re sharing these tips on how to navigate filling the big wings of being the tooth fairy! 

Be Consistent 

Consistency is key as the tooth fairy because your child will develop expectations based on what they receive from the tooth fairy the first time. With that being said, while your child losing their very first tooth may be extra exciting, don’t hand out a twenty-dollar bill if you’re not planning to do that for every other tooth in the future. The patients at our dental practice Jacksonville NC generally begin losing teeth around the age of five. There are 20 baby teeth total that will typically be lost over the course of two or more years, so whatever you plan on providing as the tooth fairy, make sure you’re able to do so twenty times over. 

Encourage Good Dental Care 

You have to remember what the tooth fairy is really about. While yes, a little extra cash under your pillow is something even most adults would love to wake up to, the tooth fairy is ultimately an advocate of admirable oral hygiene. Toothpaste in your child’s favorite flavor or a toothbrush with a special movie character printed on it are fun alternatives to money. If nothing else, make sure to include a simple note from the tooth fairy reminding your child of the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth daily! 

Prepare For The Future 

If your child just lost their first tooth, a super practical gift would be a small container to keep track of their future teeth. This container can be super creative with a little effort, so don’t be afraid to get crafty! Decorate your child’s tooth holder with stickers, sparkles, or whatever else they love, and then they will surely hold onto it for years to come.   

In Case You Forget…

If the tooth fairy’s wing breaks down and they’re unable to pay your child a visit (or you’re a busy parent and just forget), don’t worry about it! Life happens, so if the tooth fairy forgets to come, just leave an apology note for your child. In the note, make sure to explain how busy the tooth fairy is and how excited the fairy is to come back and see your child soon. 

Jacksonville Dental Care | Jacksonville NC 

At our dental practice Jacksonville NC, one of our favorite things is to watch our younger patients grow throughout the years. Our team at Jacksonville Dental Care wants to be there every step of the way from your child’s first tooth fairy visit to when all their baby teeth are gone! You can contact us today to schedule the most comfortable dental experience for your child.