Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Emmett Jones began treating high fear patients with sedation dentistry in 1997. With over 20 years of experience, he is your trusted dentist, and the only general dentist certified to perform IV conscious sedation in Onslow County. Throughout his career he has constantly strived to learn more and advance the knowledge of his practice. Dr. Jones has been named by the Consumer Research Council of America, America’s Top Award from 2005 to 2017, and has received awards in Implants, Dentures, TMJ, Sedation, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry.

What is IV Conscious Sedation

For many of us, we dread the dentist because of fear and anxiety of sitting in that chair. This fear can deter you from visiting the dentist, which can have a large impact on your dental health. Sedation dentistry is offered at Jacksonville Dental Care to help those who fear the dentist. Even if you haven’t visited the dentist in years, Dr. Jones can address any dental damage or decay in just a few visits.

Sedation dentistry administers medication to patients to keep them relaxed during their visit. You are at a depressed level of consciousness that results in little to no pain or memory of your appointment. Pill forms of sedation can be used, but there are some problems that can arise. This oral sedative comes in a predetermined amount, either minimal or moderate. Once administered, the doctor can not change the dosage. Dr. Jones uses a different method. Dr Jones utilizes IV conscious sedation which is much different than the pill forms of sedation. With the IV, he is able to control the level of sedation throughout your appointment, giving you less or more as needed.

Services Performed

Under the IV conscious sedation, Dr. Jones can perform a variety of services from implants to crowns to sleep apnea. Jacksonville Dental Care wants to provide all of their patients with a great dental cleaning, without the fear and anxiety that comes along with dental appointments. With the help of sedation, our patients can have a stress free visit. If you are avoiding a cleaning because of the pain and stress you’ve associated with the dentist in the past, call Jacksonville Dental Care. Dr. Jones is happy to meet with you, so visit us online to schedule your appointment today.