At Jacksonville Dental Care, we want to ensure that you have the most beautiful smile possible. A dental crown can help you easily achieve that smile by filling any gaps, as well as helping to restore your smile if you have missing or damaged teeth. At Jacksonville Dental Care we can help you determine the best crown type for your tooth and assist you along every step from consultation to treatment.

A crown is a cover or cap that will restore your tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. A crown can be used to treat a cavity that is too large for a filling, to place a bridge over a missing tooth, or to treat a weakened, cracked, and worn down tooth. Crowns can also be used in cosmetic improvement for covering dental implants, as well as covering discolored or misshaped teeth.

In order to apply the new crown to the tooth, we will first have to prepare your tooth by removing the outer decayed layer of the tooth. This will allow the tooth to fit within the crown, as well as leaving a strong inner core. We will then take a 3D digital impression of your tooth in order to provide an exact model for the crown. After molds have been made, we will fit you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth while the permanent crown is being made. Once the crown is ready we will apply the new crown and make any necessary adjustments to give you the perfect fit. Once satisfied, we will cement the new crown into place.

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