What to Expect After Sedation from a Dental Procedure

Having regular dental appointments to ensure dental health is important. Dental anxiety is a serious condition; between 9% and 20% of U.S adults avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety. Jacksonville Dental Care is best known by its patients for offering anxiety free dentistry. Whether you are having a routine cleaning, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants Jacksonville NC, or any cosmetic dentistry procedure, Dr. Jones will implement a series of techniques to ensure you have a stress-free dental visit and a beautiful smile when you leave the office.

Sedation Process

Implementing sedation is one of the best resources your dentist can do to keep a dental procedure anxiety-free. Sedation is different for every patient, and it guarantees the safety and serenity of the patient at the time of the procedure. Jacksonville Dental Care anxiety free dentistry has extensive experience in performing successful conscious sedation and explains a few expectations that follow the sedation process.

Your dentist will begin the sedation process prior to your dental procedure. Through the placing of an IV in your arm, your dentist will administer medication that will relax you while keeping you conscious. The goal of this procedure is to keep you semi-awake and responsive to your dentist’s instructions while allowing you to feel stress-free and safe. The patient is monitored throughout the procedure, and your dentist has the ability to adjust the amount of sedation they give you.

Expectations After Undergoing Sedation

Once the dental procedure is over, the patient will remain at the dentist’s office until they come out of the state of sedation. It’s completely normal to feel light-headed and drowsy due to the medication. Some patients will also experience short-term amnesia and will remember little to nothing about the procedure. The sedative medicine can take up to 24 hrs to exit your system. It is important to have a driver, who can take you home, as you won’t be able to drive until the sedatives wear off.

  • Rest: Resting is the number one priority after undergoing a sedation process. Take it easy and if possible, have a family member or friend assist you for 24 hrs.
  • Drink liquids: Hydration is key for a speedy recovery. Drinking enough liquids will help flush the sedation medication out of your body, and make you feel less drowsy and weak.
  • Eat small: Eating will help you regain strength, however, it’s important to have a bland diet and eat small portions to prevent nausea.

At Jacksonville Dental Care, we know that having a dental procedure can be stressful for some patients, and our mission is to keep all our patients comfortable at our office while providing anxiety free dentistry.

Jacksonville Dental Care | Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Dr. Jones and his team specialize in providing all types of dental care including crowns, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants Jacksonville NC. We take your concerns seriously and offer a variety of sedation treatments to ensure your tranquility. If you would like more information about our services visit our website or book your appointment today.