Which Toothbrush is Right for You?

Brushing your teeth should be a vital part of your daily routine, and selecting the right toothbrush is the first step. However, this all depends on factors that are unique to you and your dental needs. Some people have sensitive teeth while others struggle with plaque retention. Here’s how to find the perfect toothbrush for you:


The size of your toothbrush head should allow you to access all surfaces of your teeth. A toothbrush head that is a half-inch wide and one inch tall is effective for most adults. Larger toothbrush heads may make it difficult to reach certain areas, such as the sides and backs of your molars. 


A soft-bristled toothbrush is the safest choice. Hard bristles may cause gum tissue to pull back from teeth, exposing the tooth root and leading to increased sensitivity. Varied lengths of bristles allow for easier access to the deep grooves of your teeth, particularly along the gumline. 

Peripheral Cleaning

Your toothbrush shouldn’t just help your teeth, it should help with your oral cavity’s soft tissue too. Choose a toothbrush with a tongue and cheek cleaner built right in. Many toothbrushes have tongue cleaners on the back of the brushhead, so you can use the bumpy ridges to remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue right after brushing your teeth. 

Powered Toothbrushes

Powered toothbrushes are great for those who need assistance brushing their teeth, such as people with arthritis or any condition that may limit mobility, people with braces, or people with misaligned or uneven teeth surfaces that make a thorough cleaning more difficult. As long as you clean your teeth regularly with a proper brushing technique, you should be able to keep your gums healthy and reduce plaque build-up with either a manual or powered toothbrush.

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